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I need your help!

Hi, everyone!

Ok first of all can we please just all acknowledge that I figured out how to write a BLOG on my new SITE? I believe this is what BOSSES do amirite??

Ok, so now that's out the way.

I’m writing to ask for your help with this year’s project.

Last year, my Not Enough campaign was overwhelmingly successful: WITH YOUR HELP, I made 113% of my goal, and that financial security gave me the ability to focus on the show’s quality, which allowed the show to flourish – over the course of the summer, I amassed a number of 4-star reviews with exceptional pull-quotes, sold-out runs, and have even scored a couple of performances at Havana Restaurant this year. I really can’t say enough how much your help and support was necessary for that success – finances, time, energy, and encouragement – all of it.

So thank you, truly.

Now, for those of you who have the resources to help with me this year: I am SO stoked to announce my new show… PERISCOPE! It is about discovering that Happy Ever Afters don’t exist… even when you try to find them in a pill. Like Not Enough, Periscope is an autobiographical comedy (though I assure you, there will be tears). With this show, we’re continuing the discussion around mental health, and looking at how feelings might be important in our day-to-day decision than society tells us. Here's a link to a little blurb on my website if you want to see more.

Photo by Kia Vance, Design by Vivian Tang, featuring Megan Phillips

Photo by Kia Vance, Design by Vivian Tang.

This year’s show is far more ambitious in terms of production value: it’s backed entirely by a musical score composed by the one and only Leif Ingebrigtsen, of Rapid Fire/Outside Joke fame, and I couldn’t be more excited – just WAIT till you hear what he’s created! The show is dramaturged by TJ Dawe (Medicine), directed by Jeff Leard (Jupiter Rebellion, The Show Must go On), and written by yours truly. The show is going to Montreal, Winnipeg, and Vancouver Fringe this year (in addition to Toronto Fringe, where I will be remounting Not Enough for a Toronto audience!) Wheeee!!

So I’m asking for your help all over again.

So here’s the thing: not only is my creative team bigger this year, and I need to pay these guys everything they’re worth, but I am also continuing to tour and self-fund. Absolutely everything is paid for out-of-pocket: accommodation, transportation, production and design expenses, merch, salary of creative team, not to mention the time needed to write and create the show.

I’ve decided not to run an organized crowd-funding campaign this year, as I am choosing to focus that creative energy on ensuring Periscope is top quality, but I wanted to put a call out to you, my previous donors and supporters, to call on your help if you feel called to support this year’s tour and project.

Here’s the current budget:

$1500 - TRANSPORTATION: Flights/gas/ground transportation from Vancouver to Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and back to Vancouver.





And that’s before living expenses!

Ok, so if you're thinking, "Meg, I want to support you, but the amount that I could pay just wouldn't help you..."

I swear to God, any amount helps. Honestly! Like $5 pays for Jeff’s lunch at the donair shop up the road, which allows us to rehearse an extra couple of hours.

$20 pays for our LED light system.

$50 pays for the cab for load-in/load-out in each Fringe

$100 pays for my transportation to Toronto

$500 pays for my posters and merch.

Etc. etc. etc.

There are 3 ways to donate:

3 – cash or e-transfer: not.enough.megan.phillips [at] gmail [dot ] com, Password: PERISCOPE

Can’t afford to donate? Omg thanks for reading this far! Even sharing or spreading the word about the show will be sooo helpful!

I can’t wait to share this new show to you, and your continued support really means the world. I could not create without your help, support, love, and encouragement. Keep it up, muthaflippas.

Peace n Love,

Meg xx

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