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Vocal coaching
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At Nutmeg Creative Studio, we are passionate about getting you in touch with your authentic voice. With over 15 years of teaching experience and 20 years of vocal study, Megan Phillips is a trauma-informed, knowledgeable vocal coach whose greatest joy is getting you to enjoy making sound. From professionals looking for touch-ups, to beginners who want to jump in with solid technique, to everything in between, come and join us... the water is warm!


Vivian Tang


I recently took singing lessons with Megan and had a wonderful experience. I haven't taken lessons since high school and I was a bit anxious about going. But Megan was very helpful and friendly. Throughout our lessons she would check in with me about how I felt after an exercise and whether I think it's helping or not. One of the major improvements I made was using my breath properly. This allowed me to sing with a much fuller sound. Within a few lessons I noticed a huge improvement! 

I high recommend Megan for vocal lessons. She is super helpful, funny, and supportive.


Nancy Kenny

actor/writer/producer/social media & arts marketing professional

It's hard to define what makes Megan Phillips' teaching style so good. You think you're going in for a simple singing lesson, but it turns into a masterclass on breath, voice, humanity, and art. Your brain explodes, your heart opens and, before you know it, you're singing notes and melodies you'd only dreamed of. She has been the perfect teacher to help develop my skills, increase my confidence, and build a toolbox of concrete techniques that I can apply to songs she carefully curated to my vocal range. If you're looking for a singing teacher, you absolutely cannot go wrong by studying with Megan!

Rob Stubbs headshot

Rob Stubbs


I can't even begin to describe my good fortune in meeting Megan. For as long as I can remember, I've had difficulty feeling confident with my voice, and was always undecided when it came to seeking the right instructor or institution. There was no hesitance or question at all that Megan was the right person for the job. She is experienced, insightful, funny, creative, driven, patient, and dedicated. (can't understate that last detail enough!) You can really tell that she loves what she does, and really stands with her students to help them build their confidence and vocal performance skills. Everything I've learned thus far has been nothing short of enriching, and while I can't wait to be an even better singer/performer, I always look forward to every lesson with Megan, because she truly makes the journey the best part.


Laura Burke


I was hesitant to take singing lessons for fear that I didn't have "natural" talent. Megan taught me that a beautiful voice can be learned through practice and correct instruction. Not only is Megan an excellent practical vocal coach but she is a superb human being. We worked together via many pathways of great vocal training. Physical, mental and emotional factors can come into play. And Megan is suited to help bring out your natural beautiful voice. I learned a lot and even got rid of old trauma whilst finding my voice. It was a true joy.

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