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One night. One party. One pill.

"Heartfelt and hilarious ... powerful physicality, spot-on comedic timing, and the kind of acting chops that’ll take you by surprise. She makes it look easy." - ROOM MAGAZINE

Dramaturgy by TJ Dawe

Directed by Jeff Leard

Music by Leif Ingebrigtsen

A 75-min solo theatre performance

*content warning*: features coarse language, illicit substance use, self-harm, and flashing lights


Picture this: Megan's in her Happy Ever After. Sure, her life WAS a mess, but then she did deep personal work, made changes, and poof ... miracles happened! Hurray!  Happy at last!

But then … the miracles end. And the mess comes back - but this time with backup. So one night, she decides to find happiness … in a pill.  This is the story of that night.


PERISCOPE has been presented at the following venues:

Bad Dog Theatre - Toronto, ON

Instant Theatre  - Vancouver, BC

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Vancouver Fringe Festival




Ideal for Post-Secondary Institutions, Prisons, and Alternative Healing Organizations

When are drugs helpful, and when are drugs harmful? Periscope is an intimate, immersive, and provocative experience designed to spark conversation around self-medicating, self-realization... and meeting God.

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