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Give Me Your Money Please!

Hi! It's me!

It's been forever!! I missed you! The Coles notes on what's happened since we last talked:

  • I toured a dinner theatre show for 9 months

  • I fell in love - twice

  • and now I'm just about to finish the final draft of my newest Fringe show, Grease, Too! It's about my love for Grease and Grease 2, and you can find all the details here.

OK now's the part where I ask you nicely for money!

Grease, Too! is coming to Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver Fringes in 2023.

Lots of folks don't know this, but a self-produced tour is EXPENSIVE! Here's a basic cost breakdown:

Director Flights: $500

Accommodation for Director: $550

Dramaturgy: $250/month ($750 already plus 2 more months ($500) = $1250)

Director Honorarium: $1250

Travel (gas): A BAJILLION DOLLARS ($200/month = $600)

New projector: $500

Rehearsal space: $500

Fringe fees: $3500

Graphic design: $500

Stage Manager: $800 each city ($2400)

Living expenses $3000/month ($9000)


Not to mention the hours of writing, performing, and paying myself. I am self-funding this project completely using my teaching and dinner theatre earnings (Come see me in my last few weeks as Pam!), and savings. I've paid about half. But my paycheck stops in 2 weeks, and then I will be fully reliant on ticket sales... which I don't get till AFTER the show.


Grease, Too! is not just about nostalgia for childhood whimsy ... but it's about claiming our agency to find joy in the midst of hard stuff. It's a pretty darn good and powerful show - if I say so myself, and it has the potential to be very powerful. Come on in and join the party... we're gonna have FUN!


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